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A Children’s Business, 1 Year Later……

A Children’s Business, 1 Year Later……

It has nearly been 1 year since Heidi began her Zoom Online Art and Creativity Classes with kids around Wicklow which started at the end of February 2020 when the schools were closed for the first time.

Since then children have attended her online seasonal virtual camps such as: Easter Camp 2020, Graffiti Club Lockdown, Summer Art, Back to School Art, Halloween Camp, Christmas Art and recently the popular homeschool class, Creative Hub.

What started as a Children’s Fitness programme soon developed and manifested into an Online Class network to keep Heidi’s business going and to support children during repeated restrictions.

In June 2020 Heidi’s website FitKidz with Heidi went live and shows the huge array of fitness classes, online and outdoors filled with multiple-sports skills , fun and creative activities whereby children build up their physical strength and agility, mental resilience and confidence – while having enormous fun! 

Nearly one year later Heidi is delighted to release her Art Created in Lockdown Online Gallery for anyone to see that anything unique, quirky, skill-based and creative can be achieved during a most extraordinary year of difficult restrictions. 

These children continue to build a warrior mindset which is this business’s mission statement. Whether it is through fitness or creativity, it thrives on a holistic model which caters for children emotionally, physically and through psycho-social mind-set training. 

FitKidz with Heidi offers the full package, not just in one area! Fortunately children can learn a huge array of life-skills both online and in person with Heidi. And parents don’t need to shop around for teachers because Heidi can teach the whole packet in one swoop, through her FitKidz Programme and confidence building creativity classes. 

Now in her 3rd Lockdown, Heidi continues to teach any child who wishes to join the warrior tribe and flourish in mentality through 2021 – positively through confidence, strength and most importantly ‘resilience’. 

Children warriors of life!


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