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FitKidz badges and awards are unique gifts to help motivate your kids and to celebrate children’s successes. These beautiful badges have been designed around the completion of different skills and classes!

Hungry Hippos – Kids Mindfulness

This is the first introduction class using the practices of ready, set and focus energy exercises. This first session is to help the group settle into their new environment while applying FitKidz ‘House Rules’.

Bendy Bears – Kids Yoga

This highly popular class focuses on flexibility, stability, power and body awareness. Through animal imitation exercises, kids learn to develop full body range, rotation and flexibility in a fun, energetic atmosphere, with guided music and giant peanut fit-balls.

Leaping Lizards – Kids Circuit Training

This focuses on ABCS (agility, balance, co-ordination & strength) and the technique of jumps squats and kicks. A high-volume, low-resistance workout with short rest intervals, it improves muscle tone and definition.

Naughty Ninjas – Kids Kickboxing

This is a combination of different martial art techniques with fun, fast-paced cardio movement. While teaching self-discipline, this challenging class enhances cognitive function, self-esteem and self-awareness.

Disco Dragons – Kids Fit Dance and Drum-fitness

This is a medium-to-fast-intensity class for inventive self-expression. It helps young children to learn new motor skills, and practise, reinforce and build on those they already use. The class is great fun and improves strength, cardio endurance and balance.

Pumping Penguins – Kids Strength Training

This is an introduction to light resistance training and controlled movements, with a special emphasis on proper technique and safety. A super-fun class, it uses light free weights, rubber resistance bands and body weight.

Dare Devils – Kids Self-Defence Class

Geared towards 9-12 years. Using Asian and Japanese martial art techniques, this class teaches practical protection skills in a safe environment, led by a well-trained martial arts practitioner.

Boxing Bandits – Kids Cardio Box-fit

Box-fit for kids is great fun and brings many benefits, including great fitness, discipline, stress release, weight loss, and more. It helps children with concentration as well as socialising with other kids in an energetic and fun environment.

Jumping Jaguars– Kids Box Jumping

Geared towards 9-12 years. Box jumps are an excellent way to enhance explosive power and further develop strength through the lower body, improve vertical jump height, and generally improve athletic performance.

Confident Cats – Kids performing techniques

Confident Cats became the result of 'Speech and Drama' online which runs via Zoom every Wednesday at 5pm. In this super charged class I developed a screen acting programme for kids between the ages of 7-12 years to really develop…

Dramatic Dragonflies – Kids Acting

Kids Acting On Screen was developed in 2020 after the first lockdown. This online course is for children who would like to learn about Shakespearean text. prepare for auditioning through rehearsal techniques, voice and improvisation. This course is developed for…

Artistic Alligators – Kids Art Development

Artistic Alligators Badge is the result of every Art Class we developed, especially during Easter where I held a Zoom Easter Camp for kids during lockdown. We produced Easter Baskets and designed unique eggs in which the kids explored their…

Creative Cobras – Kids Creative Writing

Creative Cobras was developed by an elite group of children who engaged in my 'Creative Writing' Class which was designed to help kids while being homeschooled. An astonishing amount of work was created including journal making, poetry writing and unique…

Positive Pandas – Re-Opening 2021

The Badge of Hope and Resilience as Ireland gradually emerges through a third National Lockdown. 

Graffiti Cubs – Kids Graffiti Wall Art

Graffiti Cubs for kids is great fun art class whereby kids explore their creativity through designing graffiti wall art using different colours and textures. It is a fantastic way to introduce kids to a different artistic form.

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