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Bubble To Bubble Fitness With Heidi

Bubble to Bubble Fitness with Heidi

With schools back in action with the new POD / Bubble system it has become apparent that many after school activities are restricted this Autumn with HSE guidelines for keeping children safe. A ‘Class Bubble’ is a class grouping that “stays apart from other classes as much as possible”. ‘Pods’ are groups within those class bubbles, and should be kept as small as possible.

FitKidz with Heidi is operating ‘Bubble Classes’ with protocols in place with a restriction of 5 children in each group for an 8-week course: The FitKidz Programme .Unfortunately many kids are being left out! We also offer Online Classes for the Winter months for all children with a huge range of activities.

It’s very important ‘not’ to stop all activities this Autumn but to find another way to work around them!

I have now devised a programme called ‘Bubble Fitness” whereby I offer a fitness service to schools in Wicklow where kids can get fit in their ‘class’ PODS, from ages 4-12years at 25 minute blocks, under HSE guidelines and polices. This can be included in children’s curriculum as an integral part of their physical education without losing out in after school activities. I also invite parents to consider sending the same children from class PODS to train together in the same Bubble and make arrangements on location: outdoor settings are still an option!

25 Minute classes include:

  • Kids Yoga and Stretch (Hatha Yoga and Animal Initiation Poses)
  • Kids Circuit Training (Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and Strength)
  • Kids Fit-ball Training (Motor Skills, Balance, Core Strength)
  • Kids Mixed Martial Arts (Flexibility, Control, Focus and Awareness)
  • Kids Cardio Kick-Boxing (Strength, Co-ordination skills / Non-Contact)
  • Kids Drum-Fitness (Tension release, Focus, Rhythm, FUN )
  • Synced to Music Motivation and more….

Heidi has designed  Bubble Reward Badges !! 

If you know a school who maybe interested in ‘Bubble to Bubble Fitness’ please get in touch with FitKidz with Heidi.



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