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COVID Inspired Children’s Badges

COVID Inspired Children’s Badges

Delighted to release the beautifully designed COVID Badges that were inspired by all the children online during Irish Lockdown from March 22nd to this very day July 18th 2020. The online classes were designed with a creative touch to help children release their anxieties through ‘Art’ and ‘Creative Writing’ online Zoom when there was no other connection or classes available. I then created FitKidz with Heidi which is a happily functioning business online with classes outdoors for kids!

Confident Cats became the result of ‘Speech and Drama’ online which runs via Zoom every Wednesday at 5pm. In this super charged class I developed a screen acting programme for kids between the ages of 7-12 years to really develop their ‘performing techniques’ and showcase their work in a group setting which we still engage every week.A strong ensemble has developed as a result of lockdown and i’m happy to say the kids confidence has soared in the last few months.

Artistic Alligators Badge is the result of every Art Class we developed, especially during Easter where I held a Zoom Easter Camp for kids during lockdown. We produced Easter Baskets and designed unique eggs in which the kids explored their creative passions while restrictions were in place. Online Art resumes in September after the Summer break and can be found in ‘online’ section.


Creative Cobras was developed by an elite group of children who engaged in my ‘Creative Writing’ Class which was designed to help kids while being homeschooled. An astonishing amount of work was created including journal making, poetry writing and unique exercises to aid in english and spelling. A very popular class during Easter and a superb buzzing atmosphere online. Creative Writing is set to resume in September to again aid the Irish school system’s teaching.

Graffiti Cubs, my most popular class today runs on Friday evening 7-9pm where kids explore the art of ‘Graffiti Wall Art’ while finding their own unique expression through designing graffiti work. A buzzing hub of kids join me every week to zen out on a Friday, engage with music and use their creativity as a way to explore their inner passions and hopes. Also a super class for helping reduce anxiety with creative free flow art.

I am delighted with these beautiful badges which were designed through the children’s concepts online over the last 4 months and further developed through real animals such as my own cat ‘Bubbles’ who the kids love!!

Many thanks to all ‘Creative Kids’ on this journey online. Look at the magic you have created 🙂

Heidi Ellen Love

(Many thanks to Rossini and her endless magic graphic creation FitKidz with Heidi)
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