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Creativity And Health In Lockdown

Creativity and Health in Lockdown

The concept of a link between creativity and mental health has been extensively discussed and studied by psychologists and other researchers for centuries (Wikipedia). But without going into the historical research let us have a look 3 different forms of creativity may improve psychological wellbeing and overall general health during Lockdown.

  1. Drawing and doodling can have a meditative effect on brain function and distract from stressful thoughts. The benefits of doodling are endless. 
  2. Journal Keeping and writing can help boost your immune system. An expressive writing trial shows that people who write about their experiences on a regular basis showed an increase of CD4 + T and lymphocyte counts – key to a healthy immune system.
  3. Playing instruments and listening to music improves mood and greater cognitive function. Studies show that people who play instruments have better connectivity between their right and left brain. Music and sounds are interpreted in the right hemisphere a side of the brain where avoidance and fear are associated.

Art and creativity improves mental health and increases happiness. Focusing the mind has natural calming effect on the brain and body. Simply spending time outdoors gardening or even sewing releases the neurotransmitter dopamine and ultimately give you that feel good factor! 

I am a huge fan of Zentangle Art and it’s meditative benefits. The production of easy calming patterns helps decrease stress and improves blood circulation. I also teach this method to kids during lockdown in my Online Classes and their work can be seen in the FitKidz Art Gallery. Simple acts of doodle designs help reduce anxiety especially during restrictions. 

Can creativity help us during repeated lockdowns? 

Absolutely. In a study in the theory of cognition, creative activity has been shown to reduce depression and isolation, offering the power of choice and decisions. Towards the end of life, art and creativity offer a path of opening up the windows to people’s emotional interiors. 

During these tight restrictions and difficulties, perhaps we should spend more time creating and less time stressing about what could happen, what’s happening and what is just out of our control. Perhaps for our physical, mental and emotional health we need to find our creativity from within and express through a variety of forms such as art or music. 

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