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FitKidz Christmas Camp

FitKidz Christmas Camp

It’s about that time of the Christmas when the kids need a bit of entertaining and creative excitement online with Heidi and no better time for kids to get busy learning a new skill!

FitKidz Christmas Art Camp kicks off on Monday 28th 12-1pm for 3 days of creativity where kids get to use their recycling talent with Christmas bits and bobs left over from Christmas Day! This camp challenges kids to get creating online arts and crafts, new year journals, sing along and karaoke with Heidi and to top it off, kids get to prepare for the New Year with positive and confidence building interactive games and play while having fun and making lots of new friends!

This is Heidi’s 3rd online camp since March and the success and fine work can be seen in Kids Camp Gallery ! Some amazing work including Manga Art design and Graffiti Wall Art.

These confidence building camps give parents a bit of quiet time while kids stay creating at Christmas and most importantly learning something new and unique. Heidi encourages kids to be expressive in themselves online and to use their creativity to ward out any frustrations that may arise by not being able to see friends and family this year. It is also a perfect time for kids to meet other kids and interact in a safe, instructed environment.

FitKidz with Heidi was set up during the first lockdown in Ireland to help kids while school’s were closed. These classes were developed by Heidi based on her own unique and quite extensive skill-set. It’s an educational platform full of variety and life – an active, healthy array of classes that have huge health benefits and are full of creativity!.

Christmas Camp kicks off on Monday, Book Now !

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