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FitKidz Graduate With Individual Training

FitKidz Graduate with Individual Training

An exciting week for all FitKidz enrolled since September for an 8-week action packed course as they completed the popular FitKidz Programme being individually personally trained by Heidi herself under Level Three Restrictions.  The course commenced early September where groups of kids trained together, mostly outdoors in the beautiful luxury gardens of Glenview Hotel, Wicklow.

Instructed by Heidi Ellen Love, the programme itself is full of a variety of sports skills including Kids box, Martial Arts, Cardio-Kick boxing, Yoga, Box Jumping, Dance, Drum-fitness and more…. While Heidi previously set up her business ‘online’ during the first Irish Lockdown, these confidence building fitness classes inspired children to have a warrior-mindset after such a period of isolation. This fitness course is a progressive programme based on weekly accomplishment badges which give kids rewards and an incentive to progress through different levels of fitness.

The after school group classes, with all safety protocols in place, had to be transformed as Ireland moved from a Level 2 into a Level 3 phase. Indoor group fitness classes were not allowed so Heidi set out to personally train each child for 2 weeks before the country went into a 6 week lockdown. FitKidz with Heidi jumped back online offering kids further support through an array of more fun, confidence building Online Classes.

Today, after another two weeks of Children’s Personal Training, Heidi is delighted to announce the graduation of the kids who received their certificates this week, surviving 2 lockdowns, many restrictive levels, finally receiving a well deserved accomplishment before Christmas.

Needless to say a lot of work went into organising 1:1 training for all these children and it was certainly worth it as every child has learned many new sports skills while having confidence building after school “fun” – which was much needed this December!!

Huge Thanks to all Kids, parents and Glenview Hotel and Leisure Club for the support given to Heidi and The FitKidz to make this graduation happen!

Health and safety of all children and staff has been our priority during COVID-19. All HSE guidelines and safety measures have been in place adhering to all recommended government safety protocols.

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