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FitKidz Return 2022

FitKidz Return 2022

2021 was a year of fear, uncertainty and destruction for many small businesses and while many businesses closed, some re-opened and some like FitKidz with Heidi are still unable to open their doors. While the government has issued a re-opening plan for indoor fitness classes on September 20th, we strongly feel that we cannot operate to our best capacity indoors with certain measures in place for children between 4-12years.

Over the last 18 months we have done our very best to facilitate children with online classesdigital art classesonline campsKids Studio 1-2-1, and children’s badge design. We have an exciting indoor FitKidz Programme ready to launch in 2022.

The FitKidz Programme is about keeping your kids happy, healthy and confident using fun skill-based physical activity including box, mixed martial arts, fit-ball, cardio-circuit, strength training, dance, yoga and more! FitKidz teaches your child to have a ‘warrior’ mindset using creative fitness in a super fun group atmosphere.

Heidi Ellen Love, a Qualified Children and Fitness Instructor set out to create a program that combines fun, safe and skill-based stimulating activities. It involves informal free-play but also introduces structured activities that develop physical literacy. These highly charged classes involve Yoga, Fit-ball and balance to improve posture and flexibility. Introducing Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts techniques and light weights helps your child to learn a wide range of new sports skills while improving muscular control.

The program facilitates all children (disability inclusive) from 4-12 years where every week a different skill is introduced giving children the opportunity to engage in a wide range of disciplines such as ‘yoga’ and ‘kick-boxing’ after which they progress, accomplish and then advance to new skills and areas they may have never considered trying. The programme provides a huge range of ‘holistic’ exercises which every kid needs to foster in their everyday life which all have the same aim: provide a safe place for children to learn how to be confident, strong and resilient.

“While I launched this course last September I was very quickly limited on indoor numbers and completely shut down by October, returning online again. I feel this year with the delay of re-opening indoors so close to the Winter months, I need to focus on re-skilling and building my business for a big relaunch in 2022!” (Heidi)

We very much hope to see all the kids back indoors for fitness training in 2022 when FitKidz with Heidi will be back in action supporting all kids next year when restrictions are less uncertain.


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