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Heidi And The Kid Warriors During Covid-19

Heidi and The Kid Warriors during Covid-19

Since March kids live group fitness classes have been a no go, a go, a might go, who knows? and and no go again. Such is the unpredictability of the fitness industry and schools offering dance and many after school services. It’s been a seriously difficult time for facilitators of kids sport to open, close, go virtual and re-open again!

FitKidz with Heidi set up business during the first lockdown, continuing to support children while the schools were closed and through the Summer months.

“There were a lot of kids online Zoom from April -June. Together we created an array of classes together as a team using every creative tool on the shelf! At the same time I was literally setting up my business doing a 10-week business course with The Entrepreneurs Academy and in virtual classrooms with Swim Ireland completing Level 2 Swim Teacher”.

2 Months into lockdown, Heidi launched her new business: FitKidz with Heidi celebrating with the kids who helped her create and design new online classes. Please read:  Kids design classes with Heidi! On July 24th with the government announcing kids return to school Heidi decided to launch Warrior training for kids.

With restrictions still in place Heidi hired Shadow Man Pictures Arthur Janowsky to shoot a fitness with kids promotional  video with a Covid-19 Warrior touch highlighting the fight and journey of the kids and of Heidi since March.

“The kids had an absolute ball. They felt like they were on a Hollywood set. Some of the kids had met each other in person for the first time having been in virtual classrooms for 4 months. It was a pretty magical day and the video is really impressive work”!

September saw the return of Heidi’s FitKidz Programme at Glenview Hotel and Leisure Club with some magical outdoor settings overlooking Glen of the downs. 

There was a great feeling of hope among the kids and as classes were put to another halt, Heidi continued on training every kid on a one-one to keep the connection right up until the second national lockdown. 4 weeks in, while there is a general sense of Zoom fatigue the kids carry on today with confidence and strength through school and Covid uncertainty.

On December 1st, while the country is due to exit a second national lockdown at Level 2 or 3 – Heidi is set to complete The FitKidz Programme before Christmas with the gifts of certification of a 10-week programme that includes sports skills in box, mixed martial arts, self-defence, fit-ball training, dance and what Heidi calls Training Warrior of Life.

Whatever the future holds for this small business set up in the dark days – it comes with it an army of kids warriors who, like Heidi never gives up the fight!!!

Would you child like to be a child warrior: contact Heidi: 0862296602

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