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Managing Children’s Stress In Lockdown

Managing children’s stress in lockdown

As we are 6 weeks into the 3rd Irish Lockdown, there is one word we all collectively resonate with. This word highlights what we feel which is absence and loss in our daily lives through social interaction and real connections. This word is miss.

How many times do we hear our children say..and I really miss when we know they miss everything- school, their friends and the interactions of daily routine. This is causing anxiety and stress as hormones and emotions literally wreck havoc in their bodies, much like the virus around us. Emotions will become dysregulated which will cause challenging behaviour such as outbursts and anger.

We want our children to feel the opposite of miss and to embody certainty and strength but how do we do this? What teaching methods can be applied?

Here are some tips to help children and teens with the absence of connection and during times of emotional dysregulation.

  • Listen to every word they speak. Children need to feel they have a voice and that their stress is valid and understandable. Simply listen.
  • Keep structure in everyday, as best you can. A regular schedule will promote physical and mental well-being. There will be days this seems impossible but this is how children thrive. 
  • Stay connected and keep connected. Encourage children to keep the contact going with friends through telephone calls or video chat. 
  • Observe and manage screen time. This is tricky due to the educational platforms used for home-schooling but my advice is if this is adding to your child’s stress – then this has to be addressed with the schools. 
  • Encourage kids to perhaps focus on a goal or simply try something creative.
  • Exercise daily, whether it be to Joe Wicks online or walking and playing outside (weather and space permitting) and get that fresh air into the lungs.
  • Be kind to yourself! We are all doing our best through repeated lockdowns, it’s natural we are going to make mistakes as we are still learning to cope.
  • Tell your child ‘It’s ok not to be ok’ and while we feel stuck in the middle of it – things will improve and change. Remind yourself that he situation is only temporary. 

FitKidz with Heidi operates virtual interactive and fun classes during the week for kids who like to be a bit creativity after home-schooling. The Creative Hub gives children the opportunity to try new art skills such as neurographic art and simple free flow art.

We also have other Online Classes and look after children of all kinds – shy, confident, sporty, bookish, and so on, including children with autism or on the spectrum, or with a disability. 

Much like every other Children’s Businesses, we hope to back back with live fitness classes very soon. 

Keep positive, stay focussed and hopefully there will be an end date to this current restrictive situation. At the end of the day we all want……



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