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Manga Kidz With Heidi

Manga Kidz with Heidi

For the last two years Heidi has been working with artists, graphic designers and concept artists around the world to create a fitness programme that integrated the images of kids Heidi has worked with and trained. There has been months of artistic work in fine detail by FitKidz creator Rossini Creyzel to find a unique style to children’s manga creation through Heidi’s detailed concept design.

Every character developed is a carbon copy of the kids either online at Graffiti Club or doing The FitKidz Programme and has been uniquely and cleverly reproduced through hours of original sketching to photoshopping, to digital colouring and final production to FitKidz with Heidi website, marketing and merchandising.

“Since lockdown, we have produced over 10 unique mangas for the website. They have been modelled exactly on what the kids look like! The kids were also involved in the artistic creation of the FitKidz “logo” during lockdown. It’s been an amazing collaboration between Heidi, Rossini and Norma (Greystones Graphics ). Our efforts to go behind the design scale has been enormous. FitKidz Badges are a remarkable reward initiative for kids progression through The FitKidz Programme which involves: Kids Box, Circuit Training, Mixed Martial Arts, Dance, Self-Defence, Kick-boxing, Fit-ball and more….This programme has ‘everything’ a child can try!”

The kids also give manga design a go in Graffiti Club and as a special touch their designs get re-created by Rossinni and given to each child.

Heidi goes above and beyond while teaching kids – that ‘all children are artists’! That kids should use their creativity to express themselves, especially during COVID-19. FitKidz encourages an ‘artistic’ mindset as well as a warrior one!

This Christmas Heidi has designed new FitKidz merchandise in the new Online Shop where parents can buy beautiful personalised branded hoodies and clothing for their kids for Christmas.

FitKidz with Heidi is about ‘creation’, a holistic model of fitness that looks at children as a ‘whole’ – emotionally, physically and mentally. This is a programme that comes from the heart, the heart of artists, designers and warriors – to give kids a different kind of training – a confidence building education …..with a creative twist.

At the end of the day, what do you want as a parent……….

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