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Online After School Classes During Phase 3

Online After school Classes during phase 3

With Government announcement on further restrictions in place for the next month, rest assured FitKidz with Heidi has an abundance of after school classes kicking off online this Thursday starting with Acting on Screen for Kids. It is really important for kids to keep busy with creative classes, art, craft making, acting on screen and online children’s fitness.

Acting On Screen starts this Thursday 5-6pm for 1 month. This is a 4 week progressive course which runs on Thursdays 5-6pm. This popular fun-filled drama education boosts children’s confidence, using online improvisation and character-building exercises by a trained professional and IMDB credited Heidi Ellen Love. Help your kids learn a ‘new skill’ while building confidence and having fun!

Crafty Kids begins Wednesday October 14th for 4 weeks. FitKidz online Craft Making Class is a super fun engaging class for children. Whether you are looking to build your child’s creative confidence, occupy their after-school time, or simply teach them the delights of expression through arts and crafts, Heidi has aims to spark kids imagination through creative play. This class helps boost educational work, concentration while having fun.

Graffiti Club, the most popular classes runs every Friday 7-9pm !

Graffiti Club was developed during COVID19 and has manifested into a weekly creative camp that keeps children busy on a Friday evening. This music fuelled class is super popular among the kids, led by instructor Heidi Ellen Love who teaches how to draw and design Graffiti Walls. Kids can write, draw and express themselves as they learn and review a variety of subjects and styles. One of the great things about Graffiti Walls is getting to see kids interacting online through quizzes and games. Other activities include art fitness and creative writing during the two-hour session. It is also a great way for kids to meet new friends and practice skills they might not have tried before.

Online Fitness Personal Training is available on request for children.

This service includes mind-set training and confidence coaching. This super fun session includes:

  • Box-fit
  • Fit-ball training
  • Techniques of weight-training
  • Core and Stretch (Pilates and Yoga combined)
  • Dance-fitness
  • Fitness and Creativity combined

And it doesn’t stop here!! I will be running an after school Halloween 5 day Camp online from October 28th-30th.This camp gives kids the opportunity to properly learn and engage in sewing techniques, mask making and even understanding the traditional history of halloween.

It can still be a magical fun time during these uncertain times and why nor give your child the chance to learn how to carve jack-o’-lanterns from hollowed out pumpkins.

Halloween Party Night is online October 31st!! FitKidz Online Halloween Party marks the first halloween virtual event / spookfest 2020!! This super fun event involves donning the costumes made at Crafts Kids Class, all the fantastic masks, reciting ghost stories and getting ready for the ultimate trick or treat surprise Heidi will have ready for all children!

Hosted by Heidi, this party will be high volume, entertainment and super fun. These classes are a great way for kids to meet each other, interact and create new and beautiful material. Kids love to perform online and are encouraged to find their creative niche in different characters and in turn draw and create through different mediums.

Lots of online activity after school and Halloween action, all online classes with FitKidz with Heidi. These are fun confidence building and streamed via Zoom. All classes need to be pre-booked.

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