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Schools Reopening – Warrior Children’s Training!

Schools Reopening – Warrior Children’s Training!

With the government announcement on Friday 24th July, Irish children will be returning to school late August and September. A long awaited government plan now seems to be in place reiterated by Taoiseach Micheál Martin and Minister for Education Norma Foley: Reopening Irish Schools

Children have been out of school nearly 6 months and the psychological impact of COVID19 and long periods of lockdown and isolation is of extreme concern. That and childhood obesity is on the rise due to the inactivity of kids during restrictive phases. And the restrictions have not fully lifted and one may say that we are still in extremely uncertain times with current fears of a second wave during Winter months.

But what measures can parents take now to ensure the psychological and physical wellbeing of their children over the next 4 weeks? The biggest issue I have found while training children online and outside is the ‘anxiety’ they face after such extended periods of lack of social networking in which the school environment offers. The next 4 weeks should be a time where children now prepare for their return to education as COVID19 measures such as social distancing will no doubt cause more anxiety and stress in the school system.

Children need to be prepared and have a ‘warrior mindset’, a trained ‘resilient’ approach to life now living in a COVID environment. I have been offering this kind of training since early lockdown, guiding kids through the different phases, encouraging them to ‘keep going’, ‘keep believing’ and most importantly encouraging a strong ‘Mindset’. My training is based on my own intensive education in Northern India with Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso, who lives as a refugee in Northern India (1999), my work on Vikings here in Wicklow Ireland and at Exeter University through intense psychophysical training with Phillip Zarrilli.

I have 2 offerings at present for parents both online and in person be it group or one-t0-one training:

FitKidz Personal Training for children is a resistance training programme that guarantees a stronger, healthier and most importantly ‘confident’ child. My results of date since lockdown can be found in the reviews and recommendations I have received over the last 3 months  (Recommendations) from the parents of children I have been training and by my Warrior Ladies (a 55+Warrior Lady Group) who I have been supporting through lockdown and restrictions.

If you a parent or anyone who has concern about the psychological impact COVID19 has had on your child or the growing concern about children’s return to school in September, whether it is general health, fitness, weight-loss, confidence please get in touch with our team at FitKidz with Heidi or with Heidi herself (353)862296602. I cannot emphasise more the need for children’s training and ‘psycho-social’ wellbeing! The support is out there and available.

“I train Kids to be True Warriors in Life”!

Heidi Ellen Love

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