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The Irish Children’s Zen Master

The Irish Children’s Zen Master

The FitKidz Programme has been developed over the last two years with one aim: create a community of happy, healthy and confident children through fitness with a twist! And what exactly is that twist? It is an action packed ‘creative’ twist which is founded upon years of the life experience of Heidi Ellen Love. This is a passionate creation of years of specialised ‘psycho-physical’ training and world travels throughout India. Please read Heidi’s Life Experience!

Every parent wants a ‘result’ when sending their child to a trainer / teacher for a particular skill whether it be better co-ordination or confidence building. But what Heidi offers goes beyond this……Heidi offers an insight into her own personal training which includes: Dalai Lama’s Teachings, her own influence and practice of living and studying in Northern India with the 14th Dalia Lama, Psycho-Physical Performance, Asian Martial Arts Practice obtained over a two-year Masters Degree at University of Exeter under renowned Director Phillip Zarrilli and of course her years of global travels and study throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Heidi explains: “Yes it’s a physical fitness programme but what I offer are my own skills and life experience which each each can nurture and develop into their own! It’s highly creative like myself!”

As a concept Artist The FitKidz Programme started with the development of beautiful kids graphic badges. “I think the badges were created first and the programme unravelled around them”! The badges are hugely significant and important for kids development as they are rewarded through progressive skills like: Leaping Lizards : Kids Circuits Training and of course her personal favourite: Bendy Bears : Kids Yoga Training (Heidi is a fully licensed and insured Hatha Yoga Teacher).

And the now……how has COVID-19 affected The FitKidz Programme? It hasn’t…..if anything Heidi has jumped head first to support her pupils since March by offering a huge range of Online Classes which further delves into kids creativity offering one-to-one training, art classes and not stopping there, Heidi then designs more unique badges, called COVID-19 Inspired Badges, makes YouTube Videos and literally does not stop at anything. This is a message to all the children she teaches: “Never give up your dreams”!

In a nutshell, The FitKidz Programme has everything: Kids Circuits, Mixed Martial Arts, Weight Lifting (Heidi is a Personal Trainer) and also runs Adult Classes. As well as setting up business in the middle of an Irish Covid Lockdown she has completed an online start your business course with LEO, studied her Swim Level 2 with Swim Ireland in their Virtual Classrooms, built a website FitKidzwithheidi and recently updated her own first aid with St Johns Ambulance on Leeson Street Dublin, needless to say – she does not stop!

Kids can meet Heidi online or in person Mobile Outdoor Training Wicklow for a taste of The Fitkidz Programme she has spent developing. She teaches children to become ‘Life Warriors’ – an important life skills especially during the uncertainty of today August 2nd 2020. While we are still in the deep of COVID-19, children’s support is available which includes ‘mindset’ training and also delves on mind/body strength. Heidi is preparing kids for school with the hope of creating her own children’s army which distills ‘hope’, ‘bravery’ and ‘resilience’….

The Fitkidz Programme is Life Experience, Life Skills and Life warriors 2020!!!

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