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Winter ‘skills’ Online That Stand Out!

Winter ‘skills’ online that stand out!

During these Winter months with kids activities on halt, no better time for children to learn a new skill!!! What is a skill? A skill is the ability to perform an action with determined results often within a given amount of time, energy, or both. COVID-19 – no better time for any child to showcase determination and resilience.

FitKidz with Heidi offers a huge range of Winter Online Classes from Acting On ScreenBaking with HeidiCrafty KidsArt ClassesGraffiti Club and One-to-One Children’s Online Fitness Classes! Every class is skill-based where kids can learn and perform these lessons and new skills in a strong, determined and resilient way. Combining Fitness with creativity is why FitKidz with Heidi stands out. The programme offers ‘everything’ in a unique holistic way – meaning children can acquire training in ‘physical’ ’emotional’ and ‘psychosocial’ wellbeing, through creativity and ‘Mindset Training’ ! All these multi-faceted classes teaches ‘skills’ needed for children to fully grow in a healthy manner and give real ‘life experiences’ and unforgettable ‘life memories’ during this COVID-19 life.

When kids come home from school and having finished their homework – why not give them another unique offering to engage in a FitKidz with Heidi Online Class instead of playing computer games or you-tubing. FitKidz is interactive online – kids make new friends, it’s highly entertaining – hosted by Heidi herself and it’s excellent for children’s learning, education, physical and mental health! Parents rave about it!

FitKidz with Heidi was set up during the first lockdown in Ireland to help kids while school’s were closed. These classes were developed by Heidi based on her own unique and quite extensive skill-set. It’s an educational platform full of variety and life – an active, healthy array of classes that have huge health benefits and are full of creativity!.

This Winter – Get your kids learning a new skill-set with Heidi online. Get in touch with Heidi: and join the FitKidz team and have…….



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