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Happy, healthy, confident kids

Hello, I’m Heidi Ellen Love, the founder of FitKidz with Heidi. In 2019, when I was working at Glenview Leisure Club in north Co Wicklow, I decided to create a programme for children that would integrate Physical Activity, Education and Psycho-social Wellbeing. These three key aspects are the foundation of every child’s health and development.

Children nowadays spend too much time sitting down, and staring at a screen. I seek to get them moving and engaging in a wide range of creative and fitness activities – and they love it! In my classes, I pay attention to each child, seeking to develop them in a holistic way that helps them live in the world more confidently and with greater enjoyment.

Children warriors of life!

I love seeing children learning and engaging in new skills while being imaginative and creative. My motto is ‘Believe in yourself and try everything!’ I train children to be life warriors: developing a strong mindset and coping skills to deal with challenges and anxieties. This helps them enormously in their daily life, at school, in sporting activities and in all their interactions with other people. It sets them up for life.

In doing all this, I encourage a super-fun atmosphere, whether we’re all together in person as before Covid-19 or online on Zoom, where I now hold some my classes in keeping with government regulations and safety.

My mission is to inspire through my own life experience and bring out the best in each child, through fun creative and fitness arts focusing on agility, motor co-ordination and mental stamina. They learn a wide variety of social and life skills while enjoying themselves. FitKidz with Heidi is about giving your child life experience, life skills and unforgettable memories while keeping your kids happy, healthy, confident and fit.

My skills & qualifications

In FitKidz with Heidi, I’ve combined all my training, my skills, and my passions.

  • ITEC Qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, with special emphasis on Children and Fitness
  • Munster Champion Tennis Player (1990)
  • Certificate in Movement Therapy, Sesame Institute London
  • World Irish Dancer with Kiely School of Dancing (1995)
  • Degree in Drama and Theatre Studies, University College Cork (UCC)
  • Master’s in Fine Art (Psychophysical Training), University of Exeter
  • Fully Qualified and Licensed Hatha Yoga, Indian Martial Art Kalaripayattu (or Kalari) and T’ai Chi Ch’uan Instructor
  • Speech and Drama Facilitator, trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London
  • Qualified and Insured Swim Ireland Swim Teacher Level 1
  • St. John’s Ambulance First Aider (2020)
  • All team members are Garda vetted for each specific role and has completed Sports Ireland Safeguarding.

With my love of Yoga and Mixed Martial Arts, I obtained an Irish grant to undertake the Master’s in Fine Arts at Exeter University under Phillip Zarrilli, where I trained in psychophysical mind/body practices to incorporate with techniques I learned from training in Tibetan Buddhism with the Dalai Lama in India in 1999.

Before that, I set up a Theatre Company with Cork Mental Health to increase awareness during the Year of People with Disabilities in 2003. I also worked for years in television and film.

So, all my training and experience came together in 2019 when I set up the FitKidz with Heidi programme to help children to become happy life warriors!

But it’s best to hear about FitKidz with Heidi from the children and parents themselves, so please have a look at their Testimonials

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