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Kids Growth Mindset Training During COVID-19

Kids Growth Mindset Training During COVID-19

As sports clubs re-open and children return to their usual activities end August and September one may ask what exactly is your child learning from specific sports and how exactly is this sport or skill helping your child during COVID-19 during these mental challenges? Is this sport going to prepare your child for the uncertain future ahead?

FitKidz with Heidi offers 3 approaches that tackles physical, emotional and mindset techniques through sports related disciplines. These are carefully integrated together throughout a one-hour work-out. The FitKidz Programme has been carefully developed through years of intense training by Heidi Ellen Love in India, 1999 through Tibetan Buddhism with The Dalai Lama, years of training in Kalaripayattu with Phillip Zarrilli  at Exeter University and further training in fitness instruction combined with Hatha Yoga, Mind /Body techniques and years of training in ‘Theatre Studies’ at University College  Cork and Aberystwyth University of Wales. Heidi developed a programme that focuses heavily on Growth Mindset techniques for children.

Why is this so important during COVID-19?

Growth mindset refers to ‘how’ we face challenges and set-backs. What a time to be learning how to deal with COVID-19 challenges and anxieties, especially having been off school for half a year and the impact of lock-down on kids mental health. Children with a growth mindset believe and understand that with practice and ‘skills’ their abilities can improve over time. On the flip side, children with a fixed mindset think their abilities are set in stone or can’t change, no matter how hard they try.Have you ever heard your child say “I can’t” do it?  For example: In a fixed mindset, you believe “She’s a natural dancer” or “I’m just no good at art.” In a growth mindset, you believe “Anyone can be good at anything.

Heidi’s approach to teaching children delves heavily in children trying an abundance of disciplines which can be found in her different training in her Online Classes where she delves into child creativity and even performative techniques through Acting on Screen for Kids, using all her knowledge of years of psychophysical training where the body and mind begin to work together and a mental resilience is developed. Nowadays if a child struggles with something in school for example writing, they are convinced they are just ‘bad’ at it. But what Heidi does is work with the ‘bad’ and encourage kids to keep practicing difficult skills and to believe they can do and so use a growth-mindset. A Friday Evening Club for kids from 7-9pm gets children trying what is out of their comfort zones doing art, creative writing and expressive journal keeping.

“Children need to express their emotions in anyway they can be it physical or through creativity. There is no right or wrong, it’s a matter of trying something different and keep plugging at it. That is developing a growth mindset”! (Heidi)

So back to the first question: are you sending your children back to the same competitive sports which they are good at and shine in already? Is your child being challenged at this sport or is it just an easy win to keep them happy?

“I have developed a comprehensive programmme which includes: mind/body, strength training, mixed martial arts, fitness with a touch of ‘creativity’ which will help your child develop a mind-set which says: “I can do this”! This will mentally prepare children for school and further challenges through COVID-19. Kids need to get out of the comfort zones and try ‘skills’ that they would never have imagined, like Kalaripayattu (which I teach non-weapon / non contact based). Also I make everything fun, exciting and entertaining”!.

Before you send your kids back to their everyday sports and practices, consider their growth mindset, consider the future challenges and then consider that perhaps ‘you’ need to try something different by sending your child to train with Heidi Ellen Love. She offers her own life experience and her own talents both online and in person. This type of training cannot be found anywhere else and what’s even better is your child can train online, unlike any school session.

In one-hour look at the offering in person and online:

Classes include:

  • Kids Yoga and Stretch (Hatha Yoga and Animal Initiation Poses, Mindset)
  • Kids Circuit Training (Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and Strength)
  • Kids Fit-ball Training (Motor Skills, Balance, Core Strength)
  • Kids Mixed Martial Arts (Flexibility, Control, Focus and Awareness)
  • Kids Cardio Kick-Boxing (Strength, Co-ordination skills / Non-Contact)
  • Kids Drum-Fitness (Tension release, Focus, Rhythm, FUN )
  • Synced to Music Motivation and more….

FitKidz with Heidi, as well as leaving confident and ‘ready’, children leave with ‘life’ skills and mind-set training in a super fun, action-packed hour of ‘fitness’ with everything. Of course Heidi has had kids move on to further their own niche in other Martial Disciplines but the point is if they had not attended her classes they would ‘not’ have believed they could ‘just do it’!

Find out from the parents what they have to say or as a parent looking for this type of training please see her Adult Classes. Heidi has a Warrior Women (over 55+) following in which she has been supporting online and now outside in groups.



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