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FitKidz Mobile Service
(5-16 yrs)


5.0 (1 review)
  • Starts: Summer 2021
  • Time: To be Arranged
  • Venue: Your Garden

Super fun personal training class is brought to you in your own garden, if weather and garden size allow, while adhering to the HSE social distancing guidelines.


This is a children’s fitness personal training service, Wicklow based for 5-8years and 9-15 years. Brought to you by Heidi Love to your own garden,  while adhering to the HSE social distancing guidelines. This is a perfect after school, holiday or weekend service which includes:

  • Kids Yoga and Stretch (Hatha Yoga and Animal Initiation Poses)
  • Kids Circuit Training (Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and Strength)
  • Kids Fit-ball Training (Motor Skills, Balance, Core Strength)
  • Kids Mixed Martial Arts (Flexibility, Control, Focus and Awareness)
  • Kids Cardio Kick-Boxing (Strength, Co-ordination skills / Non-Contact)
  • Kids Drum-Fitness (Tension release, Focus, Rhythm, FUN )
  • Synced to Music Motivation and more….

The key to our training is ‘resilience’ and ‘results’ and every child is encouraged through Growth Mindset Training. We also offer ‘strength training’ through a mixture of weights and resistance based exercises. This can be taught to children at a very young age. We use structured and unstructured supervised free-play where children are encouraged to explore and engage in exercises which focus on endurance, motor co-ordination, speed and balance.

The classes are one-hour long, circuit based, super fun and highly energetic, guaranteed to get your kids moving confidently throughout the Spring and Summer months while in the comfort of your own garden! All equipment is sanitised prior to arriving. A portable radio with a speaker will be set up. All classes are tailored to suit the age and ability of each child.

Give call us on 0862296602 for more information!  

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1 review for FitKidz Mobile Service
(5-16 yrs)

  1. Jennifer Hughes (verified owner)

    Heidi’s mobile classes are excellent. She provides a wide selection of equipment for the children to use with minimal set-up time. Heidi caters for different ages and abilities effortlessly. She mixes high and low activities, such as weights, circuits, cardio exercises and yoga, so that the children are engaged and motivated for the whole session. I would highly recommend Heidi’s mobile service.

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