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FitKidz 1-2-1 Online Training
(7-12 yrs)


  • Please contact to arrange
  • Time: 40 minutes 
  • Venue: Online Zoom 

This is an online fitness instruction for children who prefer the benefits of a one-to-one training with Heidi. Fun-filled classes tailored around the needs of each child. Book Now


1;2;1 online training with heidi

This is an online fitness service for children who prefer or need one-to-one coaching. We deliver it via Zoom. Every private training is tailored around each individual child based on age and level of experience. We also work with Autistic children and are mindful of all needs.  This service includes mind-set training and confidence coaching. This super fun session includes every element offered in The FitKidz Programme:

  • Box-fit
  • Fit-ball training
  • Strength Training
  • Mind-set Training
  • Techniques of weight-training
  • Core and Stretch (Pilates and Yoga combined)
  • Dance-fitness
  • Fitness and Creativity combined

FitKidz with Heidi is about finding results for every child, whether it be confidence issues, weight loss or simply to try a different sport. The programme is unique involves a huge range of skills and techniques that are guaranteed to help your child increase strength, mobility, co-ordination and resilience while having fun! In the comfort of your own home children can explore their own physicality online and begin or re-boost their fitness journey.

These 40minute tutorial lessons are tailored for the child’s age and experience. Badge rewards are also included upon completion of online work and are sent in the post. These super fun badges help motivate and encourage kids on their fitness journey. 

Materials needed:Fitness mat. Please call me: 0862296602 for further information.  

FitKidz is another place to learn life skills

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