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The FitKidz Programme
(4-7 yrs)

5.0 (1 review)
  • Starts: September (8-Weeks)
  • Time: TBC
  • Venue: TBC

The FitKidz Programme is specialised unique fitness training for children which include a variety of sports skills. These classes are structured but highly charged, full of variety and fun.  


This is an 8-week course which runs during school term. It Combines fun, safe and stimulating activities. It involves informal free-play but also introduces structured activities that develop physical literacy. These highly charged classes involve Yoga, Fit-ball and balance to improve posture and flexibility. Introducing Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts techniques and light weights helps your child to learn a wide range of new sports skills while improving muscular control. Children progress and advance each year and their progression is monitored on a weekly basis.

The FitKidz Programme is a popular progressive 8-week fitness course. Every week a different skill is introduced giving children the opportunity to engage in a wide range of disciplines such as ‘yoga’ and ‘kick-boxing’ after which they progress, accomplish and then advance to new skills and areas they may have never considered trying. The programme provides a huge range of ‘holistic’ exercises which every kid needs to foster in their everyday life which all have the same aim: provide a safe place for children to learn how to be confident, strong and resilient.

Classes include:

  • Kids Yoga and Stretch (Hatha Yoga and Animal Initiation Poses)
  • Kids Circuit Training (Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and Strength)
  • Kids Fit-ball Training (Motor Skills, Balance, Core Strength)
  • Kids Mixed Martial Arts (Flexibility, Control, Focus and Awareness)
  • Kids Cardio Kick-Boxing (Strength, Co-ordination skills / Non-Contact)
  • Kids Drum-Fitness (Tension release, Focus, Rhythm, FUN )
  • Synced to Music Motivation and more….

A huge part of the programme is developed around weekly accomplishment badges and rewards which help keep kids motivated through ‘rewards’ of achievement. The badges further explain the class / module completed. Another important aspect of The FitKidz Programme is ‘creativity’ and exploration of kids ‘performance’ through exercise. This is achieved through synced music motivation through-out the hour. Classes are fun, highly charged and have the super fun factor in which children leave the class energised and ready to face anything!

The FitKidz programme is a perfect foundation to children’s development and gives kids the opportunity to explore ‘everything’ before choosing their own favourite ‘discipline’ and training. It gives them a safe place to learn, engage, develop and pursue their own life skills. Due to COVID-19 safety procedures are in place following HSE guidelines and protocols.

If your child has special needs, autism or is on the spectrum please contact Heidi: 0862296602 prior to booking any of these courses to arrange class suitability and to make sure you child to catered for.

Registration form here.  These forms can be edited and returned via email.


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1 review for The FitKidz Programme
(4-7 yrs)

  1. Susan Kelleher

    As a mother of 5 & 7 year old boys that attended Heidi’s classes pre covid I am very happy that classes are re-starting. The boys are delighted and so excited to be returning to class. A great way to learn, keep fit and have fun!!

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