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Confidence Strength Resilience

Personal Training for Teens age 13-16years is a personal training service offered on a one-to-one or groups outdoors or in studio (under restrictions) at glenview Leisure Club. 

This involves an 8-week intensive training course with 5 aims:

  • Preparation of Mind-set through Indian Martial Arts Training by a highly skilled Instructor
  • Learning the techniques of resistance based training and free weights
  • Practicing sequences of Kick-boxing and Circuit training
  • Nutrition Plans tailored for each participant
  • Ongoing Assessment and certificate upon completion

This course is ideal for any teen entering secondary education and is geared towards creating a strong mental mind-set. It focuses on preparing the mind-set in a confident and resilient manner, using highly intensive exercises which are ‘skill’ based. It gives participants the opportunity to find their own ‘niche’ in physical training – be it MAA, strength programmes and other sports- based opportunities.  

    • Date: Please contact to arrange
    • Duration: 1 Hour
    • Location: Place suitable to you
    Heidi offers 1:1 consultations with detailed and monitored plans that are uniquely tailored to each client.
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