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The FitKidz Programme
Advanced (8-12 yrs)

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  • Dates: 2022
  • Times: TBC
  • Venue:TBC

The FitKidz Programme is specialised unique fitness training for children which include a variety of sports skills.


This is an 6-week course which runs Saturdays during school term. It combines the same exercises on a more advanced level. These classes are structured but highly charged, full of variety and music. They involve a variety of fun improvisational games, and focus on skills development such as resistance training, boxing, self-defence, jumping, kicks and control. It’s a great way to make friends and learn a variety of sports practices.

The FitKidz Programme is a popular progressive 6-week fitness course. Every week a different skill is introduced giving children the opportunity to engage in a wide range of disciplines such as ‘yoga’ and ‘kick-boxing’ after which they progress, accomplish and then advance to new skills and areas they may have never considered trying. The programme provides a huge range of ‘holistic’ exercises which every kid needs to foster in their everyday life which all have the same aim: provide a safe place for children to learn how to be confident, strong and resilient.

Classes include:

  • Kids Yoga and Stretch (Hatha Yoga and Animal Initiation Poses)
  • Kids Circuit and Strength Training (Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and Strength)
  • Kids Fit-ball Training (Motor Skills, Balance, Core Strength)
  • Kids Mixed Martial Arts (Flexibility, Control, Focus and Awareness)
  • Kids Cardio Kick-Boxing (Strength, Co-ordination skills / Non-Contact)
  • Kids Drum-Fitness (Tension release, Focus, Rhythm, FUN )
  • Synced to Music Motivation and more….

A huge part of the programme is developed around weekly accomplishment badges and rewards which help keep kids motivated through ‘rewards’ of achievement. The badges further explain the class / module completed. Another important aspect of The FitKidz Programme is ‘creativity’ and exploration of kids ‘performance’ through exercise. This is achieved through synced music motivation through-out the hour. Classes are fun, highly charged and have the super fun factor in which children leave the class energised and ready to face anything!

The FitKidz programme is a perfect foundation to children’s development and gives kids the opportunity to explore ‘everything’ before choosing their own favourite ‘discipline’ and training. It gives them a safe place to learn, engage, develop and pursue their own life skills. Due to COVID-19 safety procedures are in place following HSE guidelines and protocols.

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